Nuts About The Holidays

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Nuts About the Holidays is one of SkyeLights best-selling Holiday fragrances. This handmade candle features fluffy vanilla swirls and with handcrafted caramel squares.

This mouthwatering dessert fragrance features notes of sea salt, caramelized sugar, rich brown sugar, nutty pecan, hazelnut, and caramelized pralines. Vanilla, tonka bean, and caramel enhance the buttery goodness of this delicious treat.

-16 Ounces
-100% soy wax
-Cotton wick

Burn Time: Approximately 70 Hours

Note Profile:
Top: Caramelized Sugar, Sea Salt
Middle: Brown Sugar, Pecan, Hazelnut, Butter
Base: Caramel, Tonka Bean, Vanilla

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