Brewed Awakening

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Coffee, Anyone? Brewed Awakening is a rich scent with notes of a medium-roast blend and hints of hazelnut. This candle will fill your workspace with the aroma of warm, freshly brewed hazelnut coffee.

This candle will give you a caffeine free 'pick me up'. This SkyeLight exclusive contains base notes of cream, maple, and vanilla for a sweetening touch to the freshly roasted scent.

Perfect for coffee enthusiast!

Note Profile:
Top: Hazelnut
Middle: Hazelnut, Coffee, Coconut
Base: Vanilla, Cream, Maple

This candle is featured in our SkyeLight Jelly Jar and is measured at approximately 2.5 inches wide and 3.75 inches tall. All SkyeLight candles are made in small batches of soy wax with cotton wicks to ensure a fresh, clean burn every time. 

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