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Our team- Small, but mighty trio!



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How We Started & Why We are Here

SkyeLight was created at a time where life was a balancing act for me. I was a college student, working two jobs and trying to find a way to start my aviation career.

Candles were always my safe space. Any time I had, I would be at the nearest home decor stores just itching for a sniff. Candle-making became a clear choice for me as I was trying to find a hobby to create some therapy in my insanely unbalanced life. It quickly turned into a business as I fell in love with the process and had family continuously asking for them.

Anyone who experienced my candles were in love with the fact that they were made with all natural wax and didn't give them headaches. It made it easy to decide that I would provide only 100% natural wax candles. This meant skipping the cheap ingredients, giving customers a healthier candle, and providing fragrances that last. I noticed how much of a gap there was in the market for natural candles as majority of big box stores only carried paraffin or soy candles blended with paraffin. SkyeLight candles are made to be fragrant, but not overpowering with 100% soy wax.

Since starting SkyeLight, we have created a online community of over 60k Strong between Instagram and Tik Tok! We've also been featured (unsponsored) by some of our favorite influencers like Mama Tot, Tabitha Brown, Honey BooBoo, Mama June and more!

We are active members of our local RDU community and do pop up shops, markets, and donate when we can. I hope that you all love this shop that myself, my husband, and our mighty pup created. When you shop with us, just know you are supporting a small family owned business and we are dancing when your order comes through! :)

cool moments

Picture 1: WIll and Skye at SkyeLights first farmers market!

Picture 2: Skye In front of SkyeLight's Holiday Popup shop at Boxyard RTP

Picture 3: Our very first candle! * If you scroll in Instagram you will see this at the beginning of our feed!